BCF 01/13 – “Loving Hands”

We would like to kick off this new section of our website with a wonderful book by Frédérick Leboyer. Not only has he introduced “Birth without violence” – the importance of which we both from Mamas  in the making can’t underline enough. He has also written and photographically documented a traditional Indian baby massage in his book “Loving hands”

Topped with some wonderful poem like quotes he describes The Art of Indian baby massage all Indian mothers use with their babies and teach their daughters to give their babies.

But this book contains a little more behind all the words and pictures. It’s the focus on our hands. How we gently, soft and loving touch the baby’s body. His soul. It is something also Emmi Pikler has talked about a lot.

“How different the picture of the world is for an infant when calm, patient, soft but secure and firm hands touch and lift him – and how distinct this world will look when those hands are impatient, rough or hectic, restless and nervous.” (Emmi Pikler)

And this is it. Not only during a baby massage or close cuddling should we take the time to touch our baby calm and gentle. We should do so every time we get in contact with him. 

“In the beginning hands are everything for the infant, they are the human, the world. The way we touch him, pick him up, dress him: that is us. precise and more characteristic than our words, our smile, our look.” (Emmi Pikler)

And so Leboyer’s “Loving Hands” is a wonderful introduction for an additional connection with our baby through which we can become even more aware of our hands and the way we touch another person’s body respectfully.

What are your thoughts on Baby massage? Has s/he enjoyed it? Do you think it has helped or supported attachment and bonding?