There are a number of wonderful websites that inspire us in our life and work, and a number of people, who continually amaze us with their ability to learn, share and reflect. Below is a continually growing list of those, slightly more organized than our usual thoughts, so you can find what you are interested in (hopefully). If you think we are missing someone here, or would like your link added, please let us know!

Inspired by the work of Dr Emmi Pikler:

  • Pikler – Loczy Institute - a link to the Loczy Institute, once and orphanage and a research institute led by Dr Emmi Pikler, now a training facility and a creche
  • Pikler-Loczy Fund USA
  • The Pikler Collection - a great resource for all things Pikler-related, continuously updated, and with links to many articles (also with links to Pikler associations and organizatons that promote this work around the world)

RIE – oriented:

  • Magda Gerber - in Memoriam – an interactive resource dedicated to Magda Gerber and her work, created with the help of those who worked or studied with her.
  • RIE - Resources for Infant Educarers
  • Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care
  • Lisa Sunbury - Regarding Baby

PLAY related resources, links and institutes:

Other parenting resources we like:

  • Touch The Future - a website with articles, films and interviews by Michael Mendizza with Joseph Chilton Pearce and Bev Bos (among others). Fantastic reads on child development, the neuroscience of play, bonding and many many more.
  • Hand in Hand Parenting - founded by Patty Wipfler, a resource for parents and educators with lots of helpful articles, as well as online courses and classes.

Mama tales:

Long before we both started this website we had set up our own individual blogs in which we write about our journey of parenthood. These posts are rather personal about our very own experiences but in the end they are part of what we are right now. So feel free to flip through the posts of our Mama tales.
  • Every Moment Is Right - Mama Anna
    This is the story of how one life can be part of another life and what we do about it. In our everyday discoveries we are inspired by Magda Gerber and her philosophy. We tro to observe more and do less. We try to understand and enjoy.
  • A Pikler experience - Mama Nadine
    Raising children can be challenging, scary and tiring. Raising my son influenced by thoughts and principles of Emmi Pikler has been joyful and meaningful in many ways. This whole journey is not just about teaching one person but about allowing to grow all together.