Nadine Hilmar

Born in the quiet summerdays of 1978 in the East of Germany I grew up in two different worlds. Life has then taken me to England and Scotland just to find my Love with whom I then settled down in Vienna.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I startet reading and suddenly exploring and researching about early childhood education. It was my boss, father of 4 children, who mentioned the name Emmi Pikler to me. After reading a bit about her philosophy my husband and me were completely convinced that this was the right path and would be a wonderful way to raise our son. Many other philosophies we picked up along the way helped us form our own.

But it wasn’t just a parenting philosophy we discovered there. It was a whole new life style we dived into. We don’t just raise our children a certain way – we all grow together. As a family. And as each individual person.

So I also turned my work life towards children. I am training to become a family counsellor and hope to run my own parent-infant-classes beginning fall 2013. You can find me on (in German).

I know that I can never reach all, can never convince all. But as Emmi Pikler once said: “I would be happy if this book (website) would enrich at least a few parents and children.”