This is the story of us.

Nadine writes:
On a sunny morning in Edinburgh our doorbell rang a little earlier than expected. In pyjamas and a night gown I opened the door to Anna and her husband – and to a whole new wonderful friendship. So here they were, a little early, not knowing how long they’d stay and popping the mattress we offered them in the first night already. We had a good time. When they moved out a week later our path together continued in excessive cooking nights ending in excessive wine drinking nights. Together we could happily moan about the Brits and their stupid separate water tabs.

In August 2008 my husband and I left Scotland and moved the relationship with Anna and her husband from cooking to facebook.

A couple of weeks after I announced that I was pregnant in 2009, Anna told me that she was pregnant too. Only due a few weeks later. From now on we exchanged information on natural births and respectful ways of welcoming our children to this world. After the boys were born this continued in question and answer emails on how we were getting on, how lucky we felt having discovered Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber, Alfie Kohn and all sorts of people.

But when we both admitted to each other that Early Childhood and Parenting was something we could do for a living, it was that we finally realized, that we must be twins in some parallel universe.

Anna writes:
Nadine and I met in August 2007 a day before Nadine’s birthday. My husband and I stayed with them in Edinburgh when we had nowhere else to go. They gave us a mattress to sleep on (which exploded one night, unfortunately…), and shared their wine with us. I vaguely remember the first time Nadine and I had a longer chat was when we were waiting for our men to pump the mattress. Since none of them bothered to close the valves, they kept on pumping, while we kept on talking. You can imagine the conversation ended up being quite long…

We have been talking, laughing and trying to create ever since. Nadine left Edinburgh before we did, and moved to Vienna with her husband. I stayed in Edinburgh with my husband for a little longer. Our sons were born a month apart (no, we did not plan that!), and our conversations got a new angle. We have been talking about different aspects of parenthood since.

We write:
This website is our virtual playground – to which you’re all invited. Since it so happened that we cannot (at least not right now) play together in the sand, while watching our boys do the same (or something else :) we are creating this space for all of those who feel the same. So feel free to drop by for a coffee and a chat, introduce yourself, let us know what you’re thinking about, or just stay a while and play in the sand…

This is the story of Anna
This is the story of Nadine