Just playing?

This post is part of the Just playing series inspired by Childcentralstation.

Instead of us telling you about play – YOU are invited to watch play at its best. Observe the pictures and tell us: What do you see?


What is happening in the photos?
Who are the players?
What materials are present?
What are the developmental values embedded – possibly – in the scenarios?
Why is any of this play important?

Three kids age 1, 2 and 3 discovered this gutter and small stones today. The obvious thing to do was… well throw the stones down the gutter. At the bottom was some rainwater left from the previous rainy days. They simply couldn’t stop.


All three of them just played and made their own experiences. The stones. The holes. The water. Sounds.




I almost forgot to mention a 35year old enjoying this play by simply watching the kids. Feel their experiences. Hear the sounds, the laughter, the joy.

Were they really just playing?

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4 thoughts on “Just playing?

  1. Thanks for linking up! What a magnificent experience. Look at all of the learning happening. The fine motor skills development as the children grab the stones in the grate, the visual tracking (so important for reading later) as they watch their pebbles fall to the water and splash! I’m sure there was some experimentation and observation as the children played along side each other!

  2. These pictures are adorable! These little ones are experimenting with cause and effect. Exploring sounds, especially with the delay of the fall before hitting the water. Beautiful post!

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